Audi Parts

New, used or reconditioned parts
for your Audi

Brand Model Trim levels
Audi 100 175
Audi 200 44
Audi 50 3
Audi 5000 334
Audi 80 146
Audi 90 37
Audi 920 1
Audi A1 48
Audi A2 6
Audi A3 354
Audi A4 533
Audi A4 allroad 23
Audi A5 205
Audi A6 398
Audi A6 allroad 29
Audi A7 24
Audi A8 119
Audi Cabriolet 12
Audi Coupe 77
Audi e-tron 1
Audi NSU RO 80 1
Audi Q2 12
Audi Q3 29
Audi Q5 36
Audi Q7 30
Audi Q8 1
Audi quattro 8
Audi R8 27
Audi RS Q3 3
Audi RS2 1
Audi RS3 4
Audi RS4 6
Audi RS5 3
Audi RS6 7
Audi RS7 3
Audi S1 2
Audi S2 5
Audi S3 26
Audi S4 25
Audi S5 10
Audi S6 23
Audi S7 2
Audi S8 9
Audi SQ2 1
Audi SQ5 5
Audi SQ7 1
Audi TT 104
Audi TT RS 10
Audi TTS 12
Audi Typ R 2
Audi V8 9
In my warehouse in Coevorden I always have about 1.500 parts in stock for Audi and other car brands. If the desired Audi part is in stock then you will get a quote from me or my team within hours.

If I don't have the part for your Audi in stock, I will contact my international network and make sure you will receive an offer within 24 hours that meets our quality requirements. ”

Jeroen de Jong

CEO De Jong Automotive

All are personally checked by us.

Even though we have been working with our partners for years, we never send a from A to B without having done our checks. Our experts, some of whom for 40 years in the box, know exactly where some can go wrong.

In addition, we have the expertise to revise ourselves. The goal is always to make the function as new again.

We always give 3 months warranty on used parts and 6-12 months on reconditioned parts.

The assurance of own transport

We transport almost all our parts ourselves. This enables us to deliver quickly, at competitive prices. We also don't have to depend on the flexibility and level of the service of another transporter.

We can also take your old part back with us in this way, because there's often a deposit on it. You can see the deposit in our proposal.